TU Spanish School was founded in the year 2006 as an affordable and flexible option for all foreign students who were living in Managua, Nicaragua, and wanted to learn the Spanish language in a short time.

spanish schools in nicaraguaWe met many foreigners who were frustrated trying to learn Spanish at expensive Language Schools, whose teaching methods were unnecessarily difficult, complex, full of rules that made no sense in real life communication, and intentionally designed to last a long time (to make more money out of their students).

We thought this situation was unfair for the students, and decided to create a Spanish Program that would allow students to learn Spanish in an effective, productive and simple way. That’s how TU Spanish School came to be.

Why TU Spanish?

The word “Tú” (With an accent mark) means “you” in Spanish. From the very beginning, we wanted to be a different type of Spanish School in Managua: One that is capable of adapting to your needs by providing you with the services that you really want. At TU Spanish School, you are the center, and we love treating you as a part of our family and not as mere student.

We love hearing from the people who study Spanish with us that they’re happy with their Spanish lessons, because they are learning a lot, and that the lessons really fit their needs and schedules.

The word “Tu” (Same pronunciation, but written without an accent mark) means “your” in Spanish. When studying with us, you will certainly feel that TU Spanish School is your school, with your style, your learning pace, your interests, and your teachers, who will also be your friends. Contact us and start studying with us today!