Spanish Lessons in Managua Nicaragua

Throughout the years, we’ve gotten to work with students, whose work schedules and personal lives were so busy that they had little to no time to attend a Spanish School in Managua. We’ve even met people who had been living in Managua for a year or more without having the chance to learn Spanish because of the lack of time. Obviously, this is a very hard situation when living in a Spanish-Speaking Country such as Nicaragua.

spanish courses in managua nicaragua

That is why TU Spanish School is also a great option for people who can’t or don’t want to attend a Spanish School. Our teachers can come to your home or office to teach you Spanish at any day and time. Our main goal is to provide you with a chance to learn the Spanish language when and where you are available to study.

How it works…

You just have to contact us to take a Free Spanish Placement Test. Once we have determined your Level of Proficiency in Spanish, we can set up your first lesson. We will send a teacher to the place of your convenience. The teacher will bring all the things you need to get your lessons started (Such as your textbook and vocabulary lists). You pay for our services at the end of each class. You don’t have to sign any contracts or pay in advance for lessons you won’t really need!


The price of this service is US$ 10 per hour per student (Materials included) + transportation fee