TU Spanish offers Online Lessons for people around the world who want to learn the Spanish language from the comfort of their home or office. Your time is valuable, and TU Spanish helps you make the most out of it!

All our teachers are native Spanish speakers. Most of them have part time jobs as Spanish teachers at schools and universities in Managua, Nicaragua. We work with students with all levels of proficiency in Spanish.

Our Online Spanish Lessons are designed to provide you with the same Spanish Programs we offer our students in Managua, Nicaragua. That means you can choose any of our Programs, which range from beginner to advanced/specialized levels of proficiency.

Our Online Spanish Programs include:

-Online Spanish Lessons: Spanish Grammar and Conversation (All levels)

-Online Business Spanish Lessons: Improve your skills to interact and negotiate with your clients in Spanish.

-Online Medical Spanish Lessons: Get ready for that important mission trip by learning how to understand and interact with your patients.

-Online Spanish Lessons for Missionaries: Learn how to preach in Spanish and how to convey your message to a Latin American audience.

How it works…

You just have to e-mail us at: info@tuspanish.com to set up your first lesson. TU Spanish offers a free 60-minute trial lesson, which is important so that you meet your teacher and we can determine your level of proficiency in Spanish. At the end of this trial lesson, you can decide when you will start studying with us, when you will pay for your lessons and how many hours you want to pay for. Then we will send you the textbook and materials as an e-mail attachment.


The price for our Online Spanish Lessons is US$ 10 per person per hour (Materials included)