If you are a Missionary in Nicaragua, you will need some help to learn how to properly convey the Message of Salvation in a Spanish-Speaking Environment. Tu Spanish School offers Spanish lessons for missionaries, which also include a variety of topics related to your missionary work in Nicaragua. As a Christian organization, we believe that the work of God must be done with excellence, and communication is a key element to achieve that goal.

How it works…

You just have to contact us to set up your first Spanish Lessons for Missionaries. You can study with us either at our facilities or we will gladly send a teacher out to work with you at your house, church, or office. We will provide you with all the things you need for your class (Such as textbooks and vocabulary lists). You pay for our services weekly (if you study at our facilities), or at the end of each class (if you study at your house, church, or office). You don’t have to sign any contracts or pay in advance for lessons you won’t really need!


The price of this service is US$ 10 per person per hour (Materials included) + transportation fee for the teacher

We also work with Christian ministries, churches and community leaders in Nicaragua that can guide you to the right people and places to collaborate and/or start your missionary project in Nicaragua. Just let us know about your missionary project in our country, and we will help you get started!