TU Spanish School offers Spanish Programs for doctors, nurses, and medical professionals in general, who are working in Managua, Nicaragua. Our Medical Spanish Programs will teach you how to be efficient and productive when working with Nicaraguan patients.

Most doctors who come to Nicaragua to help feel frustrated soon, because they feel that they can’t really communicate with Nicaraguan people. This is a common issue even for doctors who already speak Spanish fluently before their visit. The reason why this happens is because our people, culture, and accent are very singular. Our Medical Spanish Programs will provide you with all the information and skills you will need to work in our country, such as: Medical Grammar and Vocabulary, as well as cultural facts that will help you better understand and interact with our people.

How it works…

You just have to contact us to set up your first Medical Spanish lesson in Managua. You can study with us either at our facilities or we will gladly send a teacher out to work with you at your house or office. We will provide you with all the things you need for your class (Such as textbooks and vocabulary lists). You pay for our services weekly (if you study at our facilities), or at the end of each class (if you study at your house or office). You don’t have to sign any contracts or pay in advance for lessons you won’t really need!


The price of this service is US$ 10 per person per hour (Materials included) + transportation fee for the teacher