Economic lodging option in Managua, Nicaragua:

If you visit Nicaragua, you probably don’t want to stay at a luxurious and expensive hotel. You have luxurious and expensive hotels in your own country. If you come to Nicaragua, you will definitely love to stay with a Nicaraguan family. This will help you learn about our culture and improve your Spanish skills in a short time.

Nicaraguans are the most friendly people in the world. Don’t miss the chance to stay with a Nicaraguan family in Managua and experience the beauty, habits, and gastronomy of our people, which will certainly help you have a total Spanish immersion experience!

Our homestay service includes:

– Private room at a family house

– Furnishings (single bed, chair, fan, nightstand, lamp, clothes rack, closet, clock)

– Shared bathroom

– 3 meals per day

– Purified water

– Price: US$ 90 per person per week (7 nights)

We also offer homestay for couples, families, and groups in Managua. Contact us today!