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TU Spanish School has been for many years the best choice for students who want to learn the Spanish language in Mangua, Nicaragua. Our teaching method has been carefully designed to hit the target, that is: Helping our students understand, speak, write, read and even sing in Spanish. We get rid of all the unnecessary and time-consuming stuff, focusing on the things our students really need in order to improve their Spanish skills.

All our teachers are fully bilingual and have been teaching Spanish in Managua for more than 7 years. Also, the materials we use are original. Our textbooks, vocabulary lists and grammatical exercises were written by our staff. We don’t use materials with redundant information like other schools do.

Tu Spanish School is also the preferred option for students who have tight daily work schedules. We help this type of students by providing them with a Spanish Program that fits their schedules and Spanish learning needs. We invite you to contact us and experience our easy, enjoyable and customized Spanish Lessons in Managua, Nicaragua.

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